Private clients

We advise individuals on the arrangement of their personal affairs: the transfer of property by a testamentary disposition or by donation; matters concerning marital and family law; their options as a shareholder as well as in the context of company succession. Taking into account our clients’ individual circumstances we jointly analyse the client’s specific needs, e.g. family affairs. We focus in particular on the prevention of risks in connection with the occurrence of unpredictable circumstances affecting the client’s life, e.g. the loss of legal capacity. We see our role not only in developing legal solutions but also provide our clients with a forum for the exchange of ideas. 

Our advice is focused on the structuring of matrimonial property, the drafting of custody arrangements, the preparation and support in connection with consensual divorces; the preparation of health care proxies; the drafting of articles of associations as well as the structuring of options for the transfer of property.

  • Preparation of health care proxies
  • Structuring of testamentary dispositions
  • Drafting of articles of association and shareholder agreements, in particular to safeguard family property 
  • Drafting of custody and visiting rights arrangements
  • Drafting of settlements in connection with consensual divorces 
  • Drafting of prenuptial agreements
  • Advice in connection with company succession

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