Non profit work/Charity

Many people are keen to engage in non-profit work or to support charitable projects.  On the one hand this engagement constitutes an important contribution to our society, on the other hand this enables the implementation of projects and ideas that governmental agencies or companies do not want or cannot finance.  Current socio-political challenges – from the ageing population to migration, lack of education to marginalised social groups and climate change as well as rural depopulation – make it very clear that the public sector as the dominant provider of services reaches its limits in many areas.  Müller Partner advises individuals wanting to engage in charitable work. Our clients profit from our expertise in the preparation, development and implementation of creative, individual organisational structures for non-profit projects. Further, we support national and international charitable organisations in the legal optimisation of their non-profit work.

  • Formation of non-profit private foundations or foundations pursuant to the Federal Foundations and Funds Act (BStFG)
  • Formation of non-profit limited liability companies
  • Formation of non-profit associations
  • Ongoing legal advice in connection with introducing organisational structures (e.g. advisory board consulting on donations or committees consisting of patrons of the art)
  • Ongoing corporate law advice for non-profit holding companies
  • Reorganisations of non-profit private foundations (sub-foundations)

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