Private foundations

Our expertise in the area of private foundation law is in particular the drafting of deeds of foundation considering individual requirements. Based on the underlying conditions for the establishment of the foundation, the individual circumstances, and the goals and needs of the founders and beneficiaries, we draft the deed of foundation adequate for the individual case. 

Another key area of advice that has developed in recent years are so called foundations subject to a dispute (streitige Stiftungen). We advise on succession matters regarding private foundations, and in particular in this regard have gained substantial expertise in recent years.

  • Advising founders in safeguarding the beneficiaries’ entitlements in case of the founder’s death
  • Preparation of, and support in the course of, generational successions involving the foundation
  • Amendment and continuing review of the declaration of establishment
  • Representation of founders/beneficiaries/foundation executive boards in case of disputes concerning the private foundation
  • Support in connection with the establishment of non-profit foundations
  • Drafting of deeds of foundation in order to preserve family property 
  • Advising next generation beneficiaries on the implementation of foundation structures that are well-balanced in the long term
  • Support of the foundation’s executive board in connection with the administration of the foundation’s property
  • Accepting the appointment as executive board member of a foundation

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